Huayu Messenger

Putting the fun back into messaging. Turn your messages into crazy games and send them to your friends.
Pick a friend from your phone contacts, they have to play a game of your choosing to see your message and discover who sent it.
Received a Huayu message? Fail to complete the game in the time limit and you'll only reveal part of the picture message, and you'll never see the accompanying text.
What's more, the unfinished message will self-destruct, the sender stays anonymous, and you'll be forever asking, Huayu?
Rise to the challenge! Finish the game or puzzle and you unmask the messenger and see what they sent.
There are many different puzzles, games and challenges to choose from for your Huayu messages, all with an adjustable time limit to ramp up the pressure.
The future of fun messaging is here - sign up now: Huayu Messenger


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